Monday, May 12, 2008

rabbit skin glue/gesso recipe, class info for May 15th

Hi everyone. Here is the gesso recipe that worked for me. It is kind of put together from a number of them. Below that is what we're doing this week.

1. put 1 Tbs. rsg crystals (Daniel Smith) in the top of a double boiler with 1 cup warm water. Let sit for half an hour.
2. heat double boiler until rsg/water is warm/hot to the finger.
3. remove the top of the double boiler from the heat, sit in a nice place and stir occasionally for 10 minutes or so until the rsg is dissolved.
This is the end of the rsg recipe.
To make this into gesso:
4. add R&F Dry Gesso through a strainer until no more gesso can be absorbed. A small mound of the dry gesso will remain above the surface. This takes quite a bit of dry gesso. You may stir gently occasionally. When the correct consistency is reached no sound should be heard when you drip the gesso from a spoon.
5. set the pan back over the warm water in the double boiler (not on the heat) and leave for half an hour.
The gesso is ready to use. If you wait to use it later, heat it gently in a double boiler. Gesso should always be applied warm.

To apply it to the board:
1. seal the board with rsg, both sides
2. apply a second coat to the top side adding a piece of cheesecloth that has been dipped in rsg. This is to give some tooth to the board so the gesso will adhere better.
3. allow to dry overnight.

4. stipple on 4 or so coats of rsg gesso, rotating the board 90 degrees with each coat. Let dry to the touch between coats. It is best to do the 4 coats of gesso in one day.

What We're doing this Week and What to Bring:
- you may want to draw/paint on your gessoed panel at home . . . or not. At any rate, bring the gessoed panel - with or without marks. We'll mark it up and apply wax when you're ready.
- bring the cradle parts and panels. We'll glue them this week. Also bring a strap clamp if you have one.
- you may bring the plexiglas to paint on. I won't bring mylar until next week.
- I'll bring the microcrystalline wax. We won't use it until next week.
That should do.

If you'd like to bring back the work you did last week (poured and painted wax over prints/paintings) please do and I'll photograph it.

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