Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bits for this Thursday, the 8th of May

Hello everyone. Just a reminder of what to show up with this Thursday.

Marco, just bring your electric skillet, paints and a panel to paint on. Brushes and tins also. We'll make medium in class. If you want to cradle a panel bring 5 feet of 1"x2" pine or another wood and the 12"x12" panel it is to go on.

Bill, Alix and Kristine, bring:
- panels with prints (I'll bring your Gingko drawing Kristine)
- panel with or without gesso - if you had trouble (like I did) just bring the bits and we'll try to sort it out during class. If you managed to get the gesso on without a hitch, plan on drawing, painting on it. Don't forget the double boiler if you are not finished with the gesso. And the brush, rabbit skin glue and dry gesso.
- the rest of the usual kit
- also, I have the 12"x12" plexiglas that I will show up with. Think about how you want to use the transparency.

About the gessoed board. I'm going to volunteer the panel I have already done as a place to try things. We can use that instead of my already acquired knowledge.

That should be way too much, see you Thursday.

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